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Below we detail the different steps of our production process:

1. Development patterns and models process 
2. Cutting recess and divided process 
3. Manufacturing process 
4. Stitching process 
5. Painting, inking process 
6. Veining heat edges and stamping process  
7. Final quality control process 


1. Development patterns and models process 

The standards process is the part where born any item as it is the beginning of the development of standards and where indicated all the details for a perfect manufacture. For this we have a sophisticated technological equipment so that there is a millimeter of error.

2. Cutting recess and divided process 

In the cutting we selecting the best parts of the skins with a comprehensive control to not have any damage either failures or the same skin tone changes. Thus we can give a good finish to the article. 

In the split is where we separate the bottom of the skin to a thickness determined either on plates or round edges for better construction and finished to give a perfect finished article. 

3. Manufacturing process. 

The manufacturing is the most delicate part of an article, is the assembly of all parts and perfection of this piece depends on it. And to get to that end we have expert hands with a great tradition and experience to provide a high quality and technically perfect result of the final product. 

4. Stitching process. 

Is the final part of each mounting assembly for mounting parts for perfect durability of the article. It is a very laborious and delicate process that each firm gives a personal touch either stitch length and thread thickness.

5. Painting, inking process 

Inking lujado technique is associated with the process of painting an article skin. Consists in expand through heat the paint previously incorporated with the objective it spreads by entire skin surface uniformly without leaving any rugosity type or factor that distorts aesthetics. 

This is necessary as in the production of an item is required to perform the cutting of the different  sections, from the initial pattern to be assembled by hand. 

6. Veining heat edges and stamping process. 

The embossing customization of the piece can be by blind, embossed and using different colour films. 

The veining heat edges is to give the refined and more accurate to card holders and edges of the pieces. 

7. Final quality control process 

The quality process is the part where the final product is subjected to a series of through checks of all the above processes to achieve the highest quality product. 

This control is very important for us as a manufacturer because we believe it is the strongest bond between customer and manufacturer. Getting it right for expediting a good relationship. 

Here we show some pictures so you can appreciate some of the pieces we have made ​​to our customers, so it will be easier to see if we could link our businesses in making your articles. 

Francisco Sánchez